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When you started thinking about planning your destination wedding, chances are contacting a travel agent probably wasn’t the first thing that popped into your head.If you’ve landed upon our website you have already spent a significant amount of time doing research for your honeymoon or destination wedding. So while I could go on for days about the award we’ve won, ( there’s a lot of them!), the amazing amount of experience our agents has, the staggering number of hotels and countries we’ve personally visited so that we can offer our clients insights they can’t find online, the time and attention we put into each and every trip we plan, you probably just want to know why we’re the best company to plan your destination wedding. 

So here are 4 reasons why you’ll love working with us.

  • We’ll get to know you: Most travel agents only care about how much you can spend. Our process starts with a conversation. Are you a beach person or a history nut? Are you a foodie or a meat and potatoes kind of couple? Is this the first time you’ve left the country? What’s on your bucket list? There’s no “one size fits all” package at Bliss Honeymoons.

  • We’ll save you countless hours of research: How much time do you really need to see Europe? What kind of itinerary makes the most sense? Can you afford first class air? Is top shelf liquor included in the all-inclusive plan? Consider us your own personal Google search. If we don’t already know the answer to your questions, we’ll track it down for you. 

  • We’ll get you the most bang for your buck: We know that a lot of people believe that booking with an agent costs more than doing it yourself. But online sites get paid the same way we do-by the hotels, after you’ve checked out. We also know which rooms offer the most amenities, which resorts are running a promo, and how to negotiate a group rate contract for your wedding group. 

  • We’ll save you from costly mistakes:  We’ve seen the kinds of errors couples make when they DIY their honeymoon or destination wedding. These errors can end up costing hundreds of dollars and endless frustration. We’ll help you sidestep these costly pitfalls that can ruin your trip.

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Laura Frazier

Founder-Destination Wedding Specialist

Lindsay Barrie

Destination Wedding Specialist