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Steps 1-4 will take you through the process of providing your traveler information, completing your Service Agreement and submitting payment for your Planning Fee.

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Step 1:

Using the form below, please enter your contact information.

Traveler 1: please provide your own contact details.

Traveler 2: please provide contact details for your traveling partner.

For our solo travelers, Traveler 2 is not required – and you can always add another traveler later in the process, if you would like.

A note on email addresses, please use the same email address(es) you provide here for all of your interactions with Bliss. If both travelers share an email address, please only submit Traveler 1 contact details. 


Review and acknowledge the Service Agreement Terms & Conditions, the Code of Conduct and Travel Insurance details. Then Sign and Date to complete your Service Agreement. When you hit Submit, you will receive an email with a copy of your signed Service Agreement.


Your Planning Fee amount is: $1,500
After you Submit your completed Service Agreement, please scroll down to Step 3 and use the Submit Planning Fee button to complete your payment.


Your agent will follow up with proposed options for your destination wedding! 

Steps 1 & 2:

Step 3:

Your Planning Fee is $1,500.00.

Please click the Submit Planning Fee button below to submit your payment.

Step 4:

We truly thank you for the opportunity to work with you! Your agent will follow up with proposed options for your destination wedding. Have a great day!